Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time Flies, not always from fun...

There were so many things happening this month.  Time has truly escaped me.  I went back to work in March but only really began picking up shifts this month.  We had some travel for some family medical issues and honestly the whole month so far has been crazy busy.

I don't believe this is normal but I am more exhausted these last few days than any of my pregnancy or the weeks after where Alyssa was keeping us up all hours of the night for feedings.  She sleeps through the night, her papa has been taking many morning feedings so that I could try to get some rest and still I am dragging at any time of day.  I even went to bed before 10pm one night--this has not happened since junior high!

The issues between my parents are far from resolved and I still get overwhelmed by it but it is improving.  The winding road will keep stretching out ahead of us and someday we will see where it leads.  I would love to have powers to see where life takes us at the same time as I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.  To know what happens without any ability to change it or appreciate the surprise could be a curse worse than any punishment given by the Greek and Roman gods.

Alyssa, despite my desperate wish to keep her small, has continued to grow.  Can you believe that at less than 4 months she is already in 6-9month clothing?!?!  It hurts to even say that but I am a proud Momma who loves to dress up her beautiful little daughter.  I promise to post lots of recent pictures soon!!  Maybe even some pictures of a messy little girl enjoying a bowl of cereal!  I could never have imagined how honest people are when they say that kids grow up so fast.  There is NOTHING to show anyone how fast time can fly other than their very own baby growing faster than what should be possible.

Join us again soon for some exploits of cereal feeding!

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