Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We begin the 1/2!

Alyssa is now 1/2 years old.....SIX MONTHS?!?!  No freaking way!  I swear I was sitting on those beloved witch hazel pads a mere couple weeks ago!  Okay, so it was about 5 months ago (yah...ask me about recovery! hahaha)

We have had so many things happen in the last month!  Alyssa is right on track for development by all the paces set  via internet research.  She has two (TWO) teeth and of course these came literally 2 days apart from eachother.  Wow was that fun!  I was ready to cry with her after her second day of just being plain testy when she didn't have a bottle in her mouth.  All I can say from that experience is that Teething Tablets are my most beloved possession during teething!

Beyond the teething development we have been rolling and moving and spinning and propping ourselves up on tummy time.  She wants so badly to make her way across the floor to whatever catches her eye and that sure does frustrate her quickly!  She is getting very close.  It is endlessly amusing to watch her put her head down, pull her feet forward and then try to jump forward a bit.  Of course she MIGHT make it an inch further that way but hey, we're trying...  This last week we achieved one span of time sitting not supported by anyone but her very own arms.  Documented by a quick scramble for the cell phone camera means that I don't have a picture online for my readers but I promise to catch it with the real camera as soon as she wants to prove to us again that she CAN sit.  Ah the whims of my baby girl!

We had a fun time yesterday working with L.O.V. Photographer, Kala Stroh for 6 month pictures and as soon as I get them I'll throw a few favorites up here to oogle.  I can hardly wait because we had an adorable photo-op for the postcard of 4th of July and I truly hope it turned out!

Working on foods still.  She mostly wants to play with the spoon and drink her bottles so we never get as far as I wanted to with the meal but hey, progress only requires forward movement, not leaps...

Clearly I'm not keeping up with this blog as well as I'd hoped or intended when it began but I hope to improve as my fall semester will begin in August.  Right now I am in a fairly intense summer session (4-5weeks to do what normally would be done in 16 weeks...yes pity me).  So I will be posting a few pictures soon and then hopefully my posts will increase as the year stretches on.