Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's see...

I can't believe how hectic it has been since July and the summer class followed almost immediately by the normal college school year beginning.

With some bit of routine back in my life I finally rememebered that I had started a blog!  Oh....Em.....Gee....When was the last time I saw this thing?!?  That long ago huh?  Yah, that seems about right.  Well, Alyssa is now 9--yes NINE months old and wow hasn't she gotten big??

She has gotten into everything within reach and that means we have almost less than no time between "GOOD MORNING" and "Sweet Dreams".  I have fallen in love with her each and every morning.  She is such a sweet and loving baby.  She gives 'hugs' which is actually gently touching her forehead to yours briefly.  She gives kissies by opening her mouth and leaning forward to your puckered lips.  She smiles at you when you coming into her room after naptime and has taught Momma how to change a diaper while she kneels.  (Oh yes, that is a new and common practice this week....*sigh*)

She is my world and somedays that world feels pretty narrow, then I realize how awful I feel about that feeling and it is hard.  Facing motherhood hasn't been all smiles.  Even the easiest of days with my daughter can feel smothering.  That rips me apart every time I think about it.  Thankfully, I have the most amazing man supporting me.  He has a full time job, does online schooling, and still finds time between house upkeep and time with our daughter to be my shoulder, my date, my love.

Alyssa loves spending time with her Papa.  She crawls all over him, chews on his watch, and slobbers all over him as she gives kissies to him.  They always have such fun talking with each other and Alyssa always enjoys her bedtime storytime with Papa!  He is involved in almost every part of her life and never backs down from the adventure.

We are excited for all the firsts coming up!  Halloween and the trick-or-treating (for Unicef), Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  Of course the event of our year will be her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  ...and yes, I have already begun planning...well 'window' planning I suppose.  Looking at cakes, getting ideas for presents, and lettign family and friends know that it will be on her birthday (a Thursday) and we hope they can make it but understand if they can't.

She has been eating off of the adult plates for the last month or so without allowing us even a spoonful of baby food past her lips.  She won't take mush foods unless it is mashed potatoes right now.  Oh well...  She certainly enjoys eating what Momma and Papa eat!  Such a big girl!!  I can't wait to share pictures with everyone from her 9 month picture session!

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