Monday, July 5, 2010

Snuggles for Independence!

Our 4th of July celebrations were held at my family's lake cabin.  The fireworks were amazing, in fact the best at our cabin in many years.  My husband is a bit of a pyro and so he set up a wonderful show for everyone.  Alyssa wanted to sleep at her normal time of course but I couldn't have her back in the bunkhouse when everyone was down by the lake watching loud explosives.  So I wrapped her up really well (it wasn't cold but it certainly was a bug filled night), and we went down to the deck.  We joined my family for the show and Alyssa loved the colors.  She couldn't tear her eyes away from the fountains at the end of the docks.  She looked in awe of the sparks, then Papa set off one of those screaming whistle type fireworks and the lip came out.

I love the slow motion lip!  You all know it...the lip sticks out, the eyes narrow in a glare then suddenly widen with wetness glistening in them and then the lip disappears behind the chin as she starts to cry out loud.  The facial transformation is too adorable to not feel bad and want to laugh at the same time.

Other than the whistling ones, she was great!  She watched the fireworks intently and as she got too sleepy, she wanted nothing more than to snuggle with her Momma and hide from the loud noises that wouldn't let her drift off completely.  She stared at the sky as the colors burst above her and fell asleep regardless of the booms.  She did wake up and cry once for the only other whistler in our set but went directly back to sleep.  What a Goose!

I absolutely cry for chances at real snuggles initiated by her and last night I FINALLY got a completely baby initiated and desired snuggle!!!  I've waited for over a year for that...I dreamt of it from my pregnancy and wanted to stay down on the lakeside all night to keep them coming!

I hope everyone else's 4th of July was as awesome as mine!