Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Months and New Experiences

Our little girl is growing by leaps and bounds and I seriously swear that I just wrote my last post to this only a few days ago but a month has somehow passed in that time...

I can hardly believe how much has changed in the last month with Alyssa.  She is so close to sitting all by herself.  She smiles and talks and loves anything that plays music.  She tries so hard to control her bottles when they leave her mouth but as soon as she is being fed she forgets the importance of holding it  (we'll keep working on it).  She rolls over every time she is on the floor or in her crib.  She even decided to sleep on her tummy a few times (meaning we weren't given a choice because she kept rolling over after getting her nuk back).  She has pretty good control over grabbing.  She loves playing with rattles, bell toys, and her elephant blankie.  We have been having loads of fun in the jumping play station here and there.  She loves being outside in nice weather in the shade but still prefers being held up to look around instead of sitting around out there.

And on Alyssa's 5 month 'birthday' we decided to give her a new experience.  Carrots were on the menu last night!  She was unsure about them at first but just look at the picture I snapped at the end.  "Can I lick the bowl, Papa??"